An accomplished professional who has transitioned from a successful career in business consulting to his current role as the brand manager at Ringfeder. 


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As the driving force behind the company's branding initiatives, he ensures that Ringfeder's unique value proposition aligns with its target customer´s needs.  

Swen's career trajectory has led him from a successful career in business consultancy to his current role as the brand manager at Ringfeder. His wealth of experience, strategic mindset, and strong client relationships have been instrumental in his past achievements.  

Now, as the brand manager, Swen focuses on adding value for the Ringfeder customers and creating customer experiences that delight. To achieve this, he drives the brand philosophy of customer-centricity - look from an outside-in perspective.  

Beyond his professional pursuits, Swen's love for cycling, barbecuing, and cherishing time with his family and friend showcases his well-rounded nature and ability to find fulfilment in both his personal and professional life. 

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