The new generation

More compact.
Yet stronger!

Improved performance – improved value

  • New component design for long-term reliable operation.
  • Improved ergonomics for the driver.
  • Reinforced to reduce repairs and extend product life.
  • New compact design makes it easier to fit when space is limited.
  • New secondary locking and upgraded guiding funnel for reduced service and maintenance costs.

New ergonomics

New safety device

New reinforced return spring for easier opening

Jackknifing warning

New reinforced guiding funnel easier to replace

New flush-mounted screws

More compact design

Avoid jackknifing – avoid costs

Locking indicator – visible from a distance

Locking mode is shown by a built-in LED
light indicator, and the signal (red/green)
is clearly visible also in the dark.
By connecting a passive fibre optic cable
to the indicator, the signal be displayed
on any location, e.g. on the side of the

Locking indicator in cab

By the RINGFEDER indicator panel, locking mode (red/green) is conveniently displayed in the cab.
Alternatively, the locking indication can be shown in the vehicle's own display, if supported by the vehicle manufacturer.

Just turn to open!

With a valve box, the opening of the coupling is fast, safe and hassle-free for the driver.

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